About Us

Zenith Advertising Agency Was born in 2008, fathered by God and mothered by mature talent, logistically assisted by the ‘economy in transition’ midwife. The impromptu parent family breathed life into two sisters with love – in the biological, creative and spiritual sense of this concept, resulting in the Maya + Nadia Tandem – one of the most powerful vehicles in the world of advertising after the supersonic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

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Our Clients

Anyone deserves the kind of clients they get and also the clients deserve the advertising agencies they get… The kind of people coming to us are like us – looking for an out-of-the-box solution that is exquisitely intertwined with an ultra-professional approach. People looking for something new which also is firmly grounded and fully-justified by the unspoken truths in the marketing world. We are willing to embrace anyone who walks through the door of the Zenith Advertising Agency or finds us on our website. It does not matter if the client needs fifty business cards only or a lighted advertising sign or a branded car or an entire marketing image strategy – in any case we will listen, doing our best to find the meeting points between the client’s interrogative sentences, our exclamations, etc. Our clients are refined dreamers and talented wizards – everyone in their own area. They are winners. They are successful, smart and smiling – and that’s why it is not difficult to offer them the unexpected – the magic of the non-standard – to complete the circle of the creative project and to spead our wings for flying. In the Wonderland, along with you, dear clients. In the name of Her Majesty the Sale.

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Our most requested services

Graphic Design

We are leaning towards a simplistic luxury and a natural feel. Nothing superfluous, overwhelming or exaggerated. The most important things only. And the most effective. For you.

Advertising Gifts and Souvenirs

We are different from Santa Claus in that we are offering gifts to everyone not only in December. Let the statement you make sound differently by including something ‘wild and smoking hot’.

Outdoor Advertising

We are not pretending to know it all but we can definately suggest how to make impacting visuals.

Web Design

Haven’t got a website – you simply would not want to miss out on. Our virtuoso designers are famous far and wide for creating: websites, blogs, e-shops.

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